Your Workplace: The most sacred place to visit

Each one of us, according to the religion or philosophy or belief practiced by them, chooses their own sacred place. A Christian may assume church or Vatican City to be the most sacred place. Whereas, a christian may assume the same about any church or Vatican City. A Hindu may go for any temple. An atheist may condemn all of the above and choose a pub or library. But is there a place which stands sacred for any human, practicing any religion, philosophy or belief? Does such a place exist at all? Let’s find out the answer….

What makes a place sacred?

To find out the answer to the above question we need to fix the criteria for a place to be qualified to be a sacred place in one’s life. First of all, the place must be an important place to visit frequently, like almost daily. Secondly, such place should be so important that it should have a reflection on whole life of the concerned person. Thirdly, In order to be accepted by all the persons practicing different religion or philosophy, it should not be related to any one religion. Forth and most important condition is, that it should consume maximum time of one’s life and in return shall have a significant effect on such person’s life.

A little bit of back ground.

We, originally, have practiced our association with society in caves, in small groups. Gradually, we moved to cities, villages, and then countries were named. New countries were discovered, wars were fought, and defeats defined the fate of societies, countries and races. History was written and manipulated by the winners. As they say, Hunter will always be a hero because the lion doesn’t know how to hold a pen.

Then, what’s the most sacred place?

Let’s dig a little more. Every person on this planet earth has 24 hours a day to spend. To earn, to learn, to reproduce, to take care of its family, to read, to write, to take care of his own body , soul and goals. He has just 24 hours. And how does an average man spends these twenty four hours? We are about to find out that in order to get our answer…

What’s the answer?

Answer to all above question is only one and it’s too simple to discuss. A person spends most of his adult life in office or work place. He does that because it supports all other aspects of his life. His finances, his achievements, his family life, his retirement, his heath care, his lifestyle, everything depends on how a man behaves in office timings. Office is an invisible god that rewards its real devotees.

What next?

Does that make your office/workplace most sacred place in your life, irrespective of the religion or philosophy one is practicing Yes, so next time you visit there, keep it in mind. You are at most important place of your life, most sacred place. You may be an accountant, a doctor, a statesman, a player, a public servant, a typist, a clerk or an office boy. This place needs you, and you need this place. People working there with you are the people having opportunity to see you most of the time, more than your family. Your workplace is an invisible god; it will reward you according to you deeds, because it’s the most sacred place to visit.

How does that work?

As an old saying goes, worshiping a god is easiest part of the life, hard one is to find a god worth worshiping. Let’s examine if we have marked a right place as most sacred place, and how will it reward us.

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